Just be you, nobody is perfect but all you need is love and a little bit of magic 

The little girl in blue

Hey you, little girl in blue, I fucking love you
No one is ever going to be alone, there’s always someone home.
You need to be there for you, embrace who you are, because you’re not only that little girl in blue.
Look in the mirror and see, the good times between you and me.
Trust yourself, there’s only one you, you’re special, unique, you have some magic, that’s true.
Don’t abandon yourself or ignore because there’s so much more.
Look at that top of the mountain and see, you have reached every possibility.
It’s oke to try and if you fall, it’s oke to cry.
But don’t you ever feel like you’re not good enough, some times life can be tough.
Come on and take my hand because together we will stand.
We made it through, I will always fucking love you, yes, you, little girl in blue.
I wanna look forward and see, the good times between the mirror and me.
On the top of the mountain, I will be, just not only with me.
The love of your love, he is there, together we made it, he said, with that blue eyes stare.


Links: Foto met Zwarte Piet bij mijn vader op zijn werk Sinterklaas vieren. 

Rechts: Schoolfoto